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ARTFARM is an independent, non-profit organization, based in Middletown, CT, in the USA, founded in 2001, with a mission of cultivating high quality theater with a commitment to simple living, environmental sustainability and social justice.

ARTFARM offers a place for creative exploration, artistic expression, reflection on and investigation into the human condition. We are dedicated to compassionate embodied presence, curiosity and increased consciousness. We believe that our greatest potential reveals itself as we open ourselves to the spaciousness of ‘not- knowing’.

Embodiment and Interbeing Lion's Gate Grotowski.jpeg

ARTFARM has its roots in Physical Theater, Shakespeare, Commedia dell’ Arte, Circus and Generative Ensemble-based theater works. We are still committed to these crafts AND we continue to grow and lean towards increased understanding of -and a deepened connection to – a collective imagination and shared consciousness through our work. Our workshops on Embodiment and Interbeing; Artists as Cultural Healers; Grief, Dying and Death, and performance pieces that explore these themes and others (such as women, oppression, race and cultural wounds, grief, the environment, and an interweaving of human, artist, healer and spiritual being) continue to move us towards interconnectivity and personal and community healing.

Our immersive work in our local and regional community and our work abroad infuses our commitment to trauma-informed, personal and trans-personal presencing through the living arts. Our long-time commitments to simple living, natural wellness, and the environment merged with our social justice activism, grounded in the ancient work of artists as Shamans- have called us into action as Community Ritual Keepers. This has inspired Artistic Director and Co-Founder, Marcella Trowbridge, to become both a Justice of the Peace and a Death Doula.


Integration. Embodiment. Compassion. Insight.

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