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Circus at ARTFARM

ARTFARM has a long history of CIRCUS. ARTFARM co-founder, Dic Wheeler, founded the -still running- Children’s Circus of Middletown in 1988.

CIRCUS FOR A Fragile Planet toured for 12 years and Isaac Newton’s Little Apple Circus for 4 years.

Circophony - formerly The Traveling Circus - is a collaboration with Oddfellows Playhouse that has served teen artists since 2001.

ARTFARM’s connection to circus was influenced in the late 1980’s’s by the radical Peter Schumann and Bread and Puppet Theater. Inspired by activism, agrarianism, and artistic voice, our vision of circus was born. We are committed to the red nose- the smallest mask, as Jacque Lecoq referred to it and to bouffon, both misunderstood by society, as well as slapstick and rhetoric.

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