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ARTFARM is a non-profit, professional theater organization, based in Middletown, CT.  It was created and is being 
led by long-time local artistic leaders Dic Wheeler and Marcella Trowbridge. Every summer, ARTFARM brings outdoor Shakespeare to residents in Connecticut and beyond through its signature event, Shakespeare in the Grove. Throughout the year, ARTFARM continues to have touring shows, teaching residencies in local schools and arts centers, and a circus arts training program.


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Thank you, Everyone who joined us for Hamlet this summer. 
In case you missed it, here is some of the unsolicited audience response:
"A magically directed Hamlet, timely and timeless."
"It's fabulous folks! Don't miss it!"
"The performers made Shakespeare's language accessible and meaningful."
"WHAT AN EVENING! Thank you for bringing Shakespeare to Middletown."
"It's a brave, smart, energetic performance."
"Excellent show. High-caliber acting all around. The show held the interest of my nine year old!"
"I've seen many performances of Hamlet...I can say, handily, that Marcella Trowbridge pours every ounce of herself into Hamlet, and the result is nothing less than extraordinary. The performance was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed it."
"This is a most thought-provoking production. Highly recommended."

Bill DeKine photo of Alice Wilkinson as Marcellus, Marcella Trowbridge as Hamlet and Nathan Tracy as Horatio.

Poster design by Jason Leinwand

To see photos by Bill De Kine of this summer's Hamlet production, link to Shakespeare in the Grove 2017.

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