Plant Medicine

ARTFARM has had 'Simple Living' in it's mission since our inception in 2001.
One thing became clear to us pretty quickly... Simple Living- aint' simple! 
(It's hard work!)
But our connection to the land, to plants, to mother earth and her bounty is ever-important to us at ARTFARM.
Over the years, we have endeavored to learn about, practice, share and teach about plants and plant medicines. 
ARTFARM Artistic Director, Marcella Trowbridge, practices plant medicine herself and has taught 'Winter Wellness' classes. We have collaborated with other teachers and practitioners on things like 'Toothpick Gardening'.
Marcella is developing strategies for integrating plant medicine for serving those in the second half of life- Plant Palliatives: Balms for Being.
Keep in the loop for upcoming sessions and workshops... and reach out and tell us what you would like to learn- or what needs soothing in your life!

#grants4plants (Mountain Rose Herbs)