What a wonderful presentation -- creative, informative, powerful, and entertaining. The feedback has been fantastic.
Dr. Karen Christensen, Executive Director, Shoreline Outdoor Ed Center

The show truly reached all facets of our curriculum in a way that our students and the adults in the audience could truly understand and enjoy.                                                                                Christine Davis, John Lyman School, Durham/Middlefield


I think my grade 6 teachers/students would definitely benefit from watching the show. Thank you for helping to bring science to light…via the arts!
Sandra Inga, Director of Science, K – 12, Hartford Public Schools


ARTFARM performers are beautiful and agile, amazing and expressive. A Pelican is covered in oil and cannot fly or clean himself - this brought us to tears... White gossamer-clad stiltwalkers are towering glaciers that melt as the oceans rise! ARTFARM is simply genius!
Julia Kislevitz, Earth Day Committee of the Merritt Memorial School - Home and School Association, Cresskill, NJ


ARTFARM’s Circus For A Fragile Planet – Submerged! uses circus, poetry, and science as it entertains and brings attention to the impact humans are having on Earth’s life giving circulatory system of rivers, streams, oceans, and aquifers.  A must see!
Dr. Charles E. Button
Associate Professor - Geography Department
Governor's Climate Change Leadership Award Recipient
Founder & Faculty Chair, CCSU Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition
Central Connecticut State University


The SUBMERGED show is full of surprises.  The audience simply cannot predict what will come from behind the curtain next!  The children were giggling, cheering, and thinking the entire time.  As a result, learning occurs while the students are completely engaged in a content rich, entertaining performance.  The children continue to make connections between the information in the show, their studies of balance and motion, and the environment weeks later.  The performance made an impact on the children’s awareness of some serious issues effecting our world.  
Carole Sibiskie – Teacher – John Lyman School.


Wheeler and his troupe create an hour-long show that fascinates children, teenagers and adults alike. Just as films like “Finding Nemo” and “The Incredibles” combine beauty, humor and pathos to appeal to a broad audience, so does “Circus for a Fragile Planet: Submerged” snare us in its web of colors, music and complex moves. The Fossil Fools juggle, flip, dance, stilt walk, balance, unicycle and act.                                        
New Haven Register, 5/18/11

I loved how Circus for a Fragile Planet Submerged delivered such serious and important information with grace and sensitivity. To do an assembly on the dangers of plastics and other toxins without scaring our children was a supreme balancing act!
Jen Graf, Bryant School, Cresskill, NJ.

Pine Point School really enjoyed your December visit to share Circus for a Fragile Planet:SUBMERGED! with our students.  You were so well received from the entire student body and we've heard many glowing comments from our faculty and parents after your program.  We noticed that the students were completely engaged during the performance, which is quite a feat, given the wide age span of our audience that day -- the student body from kindergarten through 9th graders.  News of your visit even drew a contingency of locally home schooled students to attend and enjoy the program.  The actual concepts the show covered were such a superb fit for our students' studies at Pine Point: as they recycle and compost their garbage at school each day, learn about clean energy through the school's solar panels and wind turbine, participate in International Beach Clean Up in fourth grade, study the pond in sixth grade, then biology and the ocean, aboard the school's boat, in ninth.  They were captivated, and it showed in their faces.  Your program is destined to be remembered by the students as a favorite.
Sandy Pereira
Pine Point School
Stonington, Connecticut