Circus For A Fragile Planet

Circus For a Fragile Planet has been touring since 2008, but we have just created a brand new show that focuses strongly on the current and impending impacts of climate change, how to make responsible choices, and how the choices that we make as individuals and communities will impact the planet and our homes over the coming decades. 
The show uses circus to make its points and engage the audience -- acrobatics, juggling, balancing, comedy -- which help to leave audiences energized and empowered rather than discouraged. CFP encourages personal responsibility.  The show has four performers (Professor Offli Varminhere and the Fossil Fools - Methaney, Petra and Coalina) and lasts approximately one hour.
Take a look at the Submerged video sample to get a sense of the style of the work. 
The Climate Crisis is real. Young people are our leaders and our inheritors.      This is ARTFARM's commitment to 'being the change we want to see'. 

CFP SUBMERGED! uses the spectacle and excitement of circus to convey a powerful message about Earth’s 
endangered hydrosphere, how it affects us and what we can do to alleviate the situation. 
The sixty minute, five person show show starts on the beaches, lawns and bathrooms of central Connecticut and journeys around the globe, exploring human impacts on the hydrosphere through the artistry, imagination and spectacle of circus. In SUBMERGED!, an Austrian Scientist travels with four Fossil Fools who flip, juggle, and fly their way through six forms of water pollution, rising sea levels, and  the basic challenge that a billion people face -- access to drinkable water.

CFP SUBMERGED! can be performed in any space with at least eleven foot ceilings and a twenty five foot square open space for the performers. This educational extravaganza is certain not only to amaze and entertain audiences of all ages, but also inspire them to take personal responsibility for the future of our common home.

“This is a great show for families, for activists, for circus lovers, for scientists,” says SUBMERGED! director Dic Wheeler, “anyone who cares about our precious planet and is willing to laugh, clap and say ‘wow’  while being reminded how pressing the current environmental challenges are.”

SUBMERGED! is now in the middle of its spring tour to schools in the northeast, and is available for booking.

Since 2008 ARTFARM’s circus ensemble has been bringing Circus for a Fragile Planet to schools, universities, festivals, museums and conferences throughout the northeast, and has performed at over 120 venues over the past four years. Over 10,000 people have experienced this blend of circus and science in which actors juggle bottled water, polar bears dance on melting ice floes, the props and set are recycled, and the core of clowns are called the Fossil Fools. The success of Circus for a Fragile Planet, a circus which focuses primarily on climate change and human behavior, has inspired ARTFARM’s Circus Ensemble to develop this new show which uses circus to educate about the importance of the Earth’s water to the survival of our species and the health of our planet. 

Click here for TESTIMONIALS by real audience members!


This 4-minute YouTube Video shows some highlights of SUBMERGED with commentary by the Director!

The December 14 public performance in Middletown, CT, was a “coming out party” for an updated script and a new cast member, Nettie Lane of Brattleboro, Vermont. Lane is founder of PIE Productions and is a graduate of the Professional Track Training Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts.  

She joins Wheeler, Venezuelan-born circus performer Joel Melendez , and local acrobat-clowns Megan Berritta and Maegan Fuller in the Fragile Planet company.

Our Cast can be seen in some spectacular closeups HERE!