Shakespeare Everywhere!

Help Shakespeare GO GLOBAL
During the month of July, we encourage you to choose a Shakespearean monologue or a scene and hit the streets! Perform your piece in a coffee shop, the grocery store, in the park, on the bus, at the bank, or wherever the fancy strikes you!

If you are feeling inspired, we encourage you to have your performance filmed and send to us-- post it on the ARTFARM Facebook page, tweet it to @ARTFARMpresents, email us at, send us a disk, or have a friend chisel yoru impression on stone tablets and bring them to us on your horse or bicycle.

At the end of each week in July, we'll award an EXCITING PRIZE to the most creative/zany/hilarious/daring performer(s). The recipients of these prizes will also get special shout-outs on our website, Facebook page, and/or Twitter, which will doubtlessly ensure their eternal glory. For those who can make it, the weekly winners will also be featured at the performance of "Shakespeare Everywhere: The Complete Work."

Need some inspiration?
Here are some ideas about what you might perform!

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