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The Shakespeare400 Passport

April 23, 2016 will mark the 400th Anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, an event that is being celebrated by theaters, universities and organizations throughout the world. 

To honor the Quatercentenary, and to promote the love and appreciation of Shakespeare in our State, ARTFARM has joined with Russell Library and Middlesex Community College to create the Shakespeare400 Passport. 

Everyone is invited to pick up a Passport and join the fun!

It’s this easy:

1. Pick up a Shakespeare400 Passport, or download and print one HERE
2. Attend Shakespeare400 Passport events over the next 10 months
3. Submit your Shakespeare400 Passport to ARTFARM by May 15, 2016 with at least ten events stamped and be entered in a drawing for many exciting prizes

There will be individual prizes and a grand prize package!

Some of the prizes include:
Tickets to Hartford Stage, Connecticut Repertory Theatre, Yale Repertory Theatre & Flock Theater 
as well as ARTFARM Merch! - sweatshirts, yoga pants, t-shirts & water bottles.
The list of prizes will grow throughout the year, and new events may be added. Keep checking back for updates and register your Shakespeare400 Passport by sending an email to with the subject line "Passport400 Registration."

Shakespeare400 Partners